🎽Running the Imperial Palace & Language Exchange☕️

🎽Running the Imperial Palace & Language Exchange☕️

Have a language exchange and the Imperial Palace runs every Thursday.

At the end of school or work, you can enjoy international exchange at a cafe. And after that, you can have the Imperial Palace run and finally have dinner together.


🎽General Info
– Time: 4:45 PM – 10:00 PM *You may enter and leave as you please
– Fees:
“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” = Free admittance *Please order one drink
“Running the Imperial Palace” = 1,500 JPY (Frequent Runners: 1,200 JPY)
– Reservations: Please apply for the event on the following link every Thursday.


5:00 PM:Language Exchange (English or Spanish)
5:30 PM:Language Exchange (Japanese)
6:00 PM:Language Exchange (English or Spanish)
6:30 PM:Language Exchange (Japanese)
7:00 PM:Move to “Sakura Hotel” and Change Clothes (8 min by walk)
7:30 PM:Start Running the Imperial Palace
8:10 PM:Come back to “Sakura Hotel” and take a shower
8:30 PM:Have a dinner and talking
10:00 PM:Finish


🎽Language Exchange
– Please participate in one of the language exchanges of English or Spanish and Japanese.
– Exchange languages every 30 minutes.
– It is also possible to participate in the way.
– It is possible to participate only in the Imperial Palace Run. (Please come to the cafe by 7 pm)
– You can participate in the language exchange until 7:30 pm without going to the Imperial Palace run.
– Before joining, please check the link below about our cafe rules.


🎽Running the Imperial Palace
– Distance: 5 km (Around the Imperial Palace).
– Please bring your own clothes, and running gear.
– Baggage Storage, Shower and Towel are included.
– Light Meal Dinner/One drink (Beer OK).
– In case of a heavy storm, the jogging might be canceled, but we will still have a meal all together.
– Participation in the Event is at the Participant’s own risk. The organizer is not responsible for any health problems.
– We are not responsible for your lost or stolen belongings.