“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” will hold various meetups and events related to international exchange and learning English, as the only “study abroad cafe” in Japan.

“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is located in Jimbocho, the largest student town in Japan, a city of diverse Japanese culture, and a social communication place. We will conduct community activities from a global perspective by using the strong connection here, and we will collaborate with various companies, groups, and individuals. We also invite various guest speakers to offer suggestions for expanding your potential.

Also, “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” respond to your requests and are not linguistic. so we will hold meetups on various topics.




| Regarding our Events

“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” did the following events in the past.

Rakugo Viewing Tour A tour to view English Rakugo.
Kabuki Viewing Tour A tour to view Kabuki.
Cherry-blossom Viewing A cherry-blossom viewing tour of Japan’s leading cherry blossom viewing spots, the Imperial Palace and Chidori-gabuchi.
School Cafeteria Tour around Jimbocho University cafeteria.
English Debate Event to discuss in English by watching TED videos.
Study Abroad Experiences An event to showcase the experiences of those who have studied abroad.
Sushi Tasting Party Sushi tasting party for offering at overseas sushi restaurants.
Shamisen Concert Japanese musical instrument, shamisen concert.



| Hobby Meetups

“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” holds meetups for various hobbies as follows in response to requests from participants.

*We are always accepting requests for new events, so please feel free to make suggestions using the form linked below.

Board Game Friday 19:00 – 22:00 Playing board games and talking together with having fun.
Drawing Saturday 12:00 – 14:10 Drawing-related meetup for those who are interested in painting, manga, and design.
Programming Sunday 12:00 – 14:10 Sharing information-related programming.
Travel Lover Sunday 19:00– 21:00 Talk about travel all over the world together.
Study Abroad The topic of studying abroad.


Fee Free Attendance *drink charge applies
Participation Please check the contents of each event page of “Meetup” below and press the participation button on each event page from the link below.




Please check each event in the “Meetup” linked below for the exact date and time of the event.

For using this cafe, you need to apply for and participate in each event of our “Meetup”.

For participation in the event, please check the contents of each event page of “Meetup” below and press the participation button on each event page from the link below.