In “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE”, various briefing sessions, services, and events will be held as a community space in the area of Jimbocho, regardless of the concept of cafes.

“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is the largest student town in Japan, a city of diverse Japanese culture, a social communication place rooted in the area of Kanda Jinbocho, collaborating with various companies, groups, individuals, and new We will conduct community activities from a global perspective.

We also invite various guest speakers to offer suggestions for expanding your potential. Each event is held on a regular basis. Please see the following Meetup page for confirmations and subscriptions for each event.




| Quality Massage

Former Japanese representative of Athletics Decathlon, familiar with exercise science, English study abroad experience, English proficiency, and full-scale massage by masseuse who has experience of over 10 years ‘English’ or ‘Japanese’.

Do it with The fare is reasonable, starting at 500 yen for 15 minutes. This is a fee set for foreigners to receive a full-fledged massage from Japan and experience one aspect of Japanese culture.

Of course, the Japanese can be used for the same amount, so please rest assured. As well as being received in Japanese, you can also take a message in English while also studying English. Furthermore, you can receive treatment while consulting on the body of not only athletics but also sports in general, and studying abroad.

Massages are performed at the relaxation space on the second floor of the cafe. The language exchange takes place on the first floor, so you can join together.

Body Care 15 min
30 min
500 JPY
1,000 JPY
Eye Head Care 15 min 500 JPY
Neck Care 10 min 500 JPY




Please check the event calendar on the link below for the exact business date.
It is necessary to have you apply for the events of our cafe for the use of our cafe.
For participation in each event, please apply on each event page after confirming each event content in the following calendar.