“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” does not accept telephone inquiries (there is no telephone number for customers) in order to provide more reasonable and high-quality services and improve the work efficiency of cafe staff. Therefore, inquiries will be made from the “Inquiry Form” below, but please check the following before making an inquiry.

For inquiries about “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” coverage, location/shooting, space usage, etc., please refer to the following ” EVENT SPACE RENTAL” and use the “CONTACT FORM”.

Please refer to the “INFORMATION” link below before making inquiries regarding the services and events of this cafe. Also, please do not ask questions that are explained.







    “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is available for rental as an event venue. The rental cost will be free for groups considering non-profit events in which the concept and ideas are one that resonates with that of “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE”. The cafe organizers will also help advertise and promote the event free of charge.

    For more details, please contact “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE”.




    Some events are not listed in the calendar below.

    For participation in the event, please check the contents of each event page of “Meetup” below and press the participation button on each event page from the link below.