“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is a new type of cafe based on the concept of a space where people can come free of charge and get a feeling of studying abroad, in a cafe setting; a “Study Abroad Cafe”.  This cafe is inspired by cafes in Canada that are known to have a fashionable and cozy atmosphere.

While you stay in our cafe, you can experience studying abroad with the price of just a cup of coffee, and create for yourself an opportunity to speak English in your daily life, as well as experience the Western-type cafe culture and service.

Like ordinary cafes, here at “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE”, you can stay freely after ordering a drink. What distinguishes us from other English-speaking cafes, is that you can study English for the price of just one drink; no admission/entrance fee is required, and you can stay at the cafe as long as you wish. You can experience studying abroad, and at the same time enjoy the western-type cafe environment.

Not only that this cafe provides the opportunities to communicate in different languages through various services, events, and lessons, “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” organizes various activities to relate with different languages, cultures, and societies. Please utilize “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” as a place to get in touch with foreign languages and cultures, a place to establish international relationships, and a place to experience studying abroad in the comfort of your own city.

With close relationships with the neighborhood, ENGLISH ONLY CAFE continues to be a place where people can establish international relationships, in the city of Tokyo, more specifically Jimbocho; the region internationally famous for having streets filled with books, sporting goods, and musical instruments, and as one of Tokyo’s largest college towns.





Cafe to “Study Abroad”:
The first and only cafe in Japan where you can experience studying abroad.
You can experience studying outside of Japan at the price of just a cup of coffee at our cafe.
The Best Place to Practice Languages:
The most effective method to improve your language skill is to listen and speak as many as you can.
There are many Japanese who can speak English in the cafe, so you can easily speak Japanese or English.
In addition, we have the opportunity to speak various languages such as Chinese, Korean, and French.
There are many guests from foreign countries in the cafe, many of whom are also capable of speaking in Japanese, so try to step outside of your comfort zone and talk to each other.
To improve your language skill, the courage to speak in front of people is much more important than knowledge.
Casual Language Environment:
Unlike most language schools, here you can get exposure to natural and casual language skills.
Through conversations with staff and other attendants, you can come in contact with real language skills.
Very Reasonable:
There is no entry fee for anyone, regardless of nationality, gender, or age, and the cost is only for your drinks.
You can enjoy conversations and international relationships at the same price as going to an ordinary cafe.
Of course, you can spend time here in a regular cafe as well.
Lots of Chance to Talk with Small Group:
Each table is made up of 3-4 people, there are many opportunities for conversation with a small number of people.
Also, all the participants are in the same position and they all come to speak languages. So all attendants cooperate and speak languages a lot.
Anytime Welcome:
Admission is free and enter and leave freely.
No matter when you enter the cafe on weekdays, you can stay until the end with one drink, so you can feel free to use it as much as you like at a convenient time.
On the other hand, there are many opportunities for conversation, so if you have 30 minutes, it will be effective and enjoyable.
International Meetup:
You can meet and communicate with our diverse group of costumes from over 100 different countries.
Also by talking with people from all over the world, you can brush up on your communication skills to effectively express your thoughts.
Center of Tokyo:
“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is located in Jimbocho, Tokyo; the region is internationally famous for having streets filled with books, sporting goods, and musical instruments, and as one of Tokyo’s largest college towns. Jimbocho is also recently gaining popularity as a tourist spot for foreign visitors.
Membership Passport:
On your first visit to “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE”, you will receive a (Membership) Passport.
You will write your name on it to use as ID, to quite literally gain access to the foreign country that is “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE”.
The passport acts also as a point card, in which you gain a stamp for every event you take part in, you will get a free drink on your next visit.


| Flow of Visit Cafe

If you come to our cafe, you will attend our meetups. So please follow the flow below.
*To join our meetups at our cafe, you must bring your smartphone, download the Meetup app to your smartphone, and register for the Meetup page of our cafe.

Confirmation of Participation Please check the contents of our rule book from the link below.
Confirmation of
the Event
We operate three “Meetup” groups by topic.
Please download the “Meetup” app to your smartphone.
https://www.meetup.comPlease click the “Join this group” button on each “Meetup” page to register with us.
* We recommend turning off notifications in the meetup page settings (because you will automatically receive a large number of emails about all our meetups)
For details on each event, please check the content of the event page in each “Meetup” page linked below.
☕️ *FREE* International Meetup & Language Exchange
– English Meetups at “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” in Tokyo.
* English & Japanese language exchange, English Only Meetup
🌞 *FREE* International Community in Japan
– Multi-languages & hobby meetups at “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” in Tokyo.
* International Meetup
* Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Arabic & Japanese Language Exchanges
* IT & Programming, Rock Music, Drawing, Table Tennis, Board Games …etc.
🌎 *FREE* Online International Meetup & Language Exchange
– Online Meetups.
About Attendance If you confirm and agree to the above contents, please press the attendance button on the event page until the day before the event.
*Regarding cancellation, please press “Edit RSVP” on the same page and then press “Not going”.
*If you cannot press it, you do not need to cancel it.
Day of Meetup Please come to our cafe on the scheduled date and time of the event you applied for.
Please show the “Meetup” participation page on your smartphone first at the reception.






3-1 Kandaogawamachi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Postal Code: 101-0052
Open Hour:
*Please check our SNS for the latest business hours due to COIVD-19
Monday: 16:35 – 21:30
Tuesday: 16:35 – 21:30
Wednesday: 16:35 – 21:30
Thursday: 16:35 – 21:30
Friday: 14:20 – 22:00
Saturday: 12:05 – 22:00
Sunday: 12:05 – 22:00
* Holiday is the as same as Sunday
1st Floor: 35 Seats, 2nd Floor: 25 Seats
15 years and over: Can participate
Under 15 years old: Can Participate with parents (same table)
Under 6 years old: Not able to participate *Parents need to take care of their children by themselves
*Drinks provided: 6 years and over are required to order drinks, less than that is optional
Free Wi-Fi,  Baby Car OK, No Smoking, No pet
Wheel Chair:
Participation in wheelchairs is possible.
However, there is a step to enter the cafe, and there is only one cafe staff.  For example, if the wheelchair is heavy enough for the female staff to carry it alone, of course, we will carry it. But if it is heavier than that, Please note that it is difficult to help you.
Admission Fee: 500 JPY (with one drink)
*Enter and leave freely.
*If you want to re-enter, please be sure to consult with the cafe staff in advance.