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“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is a new type of cafe based on the concept of a space where people can come free of charge and get a feeling of studying abroad, in a cafe setting; a “Study Abroad Cafe”.  This cafe is inspired by cafes in Canada that are known to have a fashionable and cozy atmosphere. While you are in this cafe, you can experience studying abroad with the price of just a cup of coffee, and create for yourself an opportunity to speak English in your daily-life, as well as experience the Western type café culture and service.

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🎽Running the Imperial Palace & Language Exchange☕️

🎽Running the Imperial Palace & Language Exchange☕️ Have a language exchange and the Imperial Palace runs every Thursday. At the end of school or work, […]

Language Exchange German / Japanese

☕️”FREE” Language Exchange German / Japanese “Free” German / Japanese Language Exchange event in Tokyo! Feel free to enter or exit anytime during the event. […]

🎓インバウンド / グローバル人材育成のための『海外留学アドバイザー』資格無料­説明会🎓

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

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