“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” provides not only events such as language exchanges and international meetups but also provides the following services.

We provide various services not only as services rooted in the local community but also as a place of contact between Japan and foreign countries and a place for international exchange in “Jimbocho”, a city where various cultures intersect.



| Board Game Service

You can enjoy board games at any time during business hours.

There are both Japanese and English games and over 450 types to choose from, so you can enjoy them with not only your friends but also with other cafe customers.

If you decide to play games with customers from other countries, it will be a more engaging form of language exchange. This will lead to creating international relationships, and having a better understanding of other cultures.

For those who are not yet so confident in their English skills, the games will help you engage in conversations and enjoy the interaction a little bit easier.

If you would like to use board games, please feel free to contact the cafe staff.



| Table Tennis Service

There is a table tennis table on the 2nd floor of the cafe.

The table tennis table is a full-fledged international standard. We also have international standard balls and rackets.

It will be moderate exercise, and it is very fun to have an international exchange in English through table tennis.

*Due to the congestion, we can’t have a space for a table tennis table, so we are only offering the service on Sunday evenings


| Japanese Tourist Information Center

The travel guides and pamphlets are open to the public and are free to take with you. The staff is also happy to assist you with travel inquiries.

The area around “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is widely renowned as the largest Sporting goods store district, musical instrument store district, and book store district. Because of this, the cafe also serves as a tourist information center to accommodate the ever-growing population of foreign visitors in the area.

Please feel free to ask cafe staff for assistance and information on traveling in Japan.
*The staff may not be able to answer all specific inquiries but will be able to give feedback in English from a similar traveler’s perspective.


| Study Abroad related reading materials

“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is a “Study Abroad Cafe” that has the largest collection of a wide range of books and pamphlets regarding study abroad, all open to the public for free.

There are also many books that would “make you want to study abroad”.

This is quite literally a Library for Studying Abroad.