Language Exchange Spanish / Japanese

We are having the Japanese and Spanish language exchange every Thursday.

Feel free to enter or exit anytime during the event. To those who can make it on time, please be punctual so we can start at the scheduled time 🙂

With our Spanish / Japanese language exchange session, there are thirty minutes sessions alternating between Spanish and Japanese conversation time, so that both language speakers have a chance to learn and teach a language.

The conversations are conducted in small groups of three or four people so it is easier to engage in a conversation without it being awkward even for beginners of either language. English / Japanese language exchange is also going on at the same time, so this event is for you if you are interested in English, Spanish and Japanese.

– Fees: “FREE” admittance *please kindly order one drink on your way in
– Reservations: Please make a reservation on the “Meetup” page from the following link.