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“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is a new type of cafe based on the concept of a space where people can come free of charge and get a feeling of studying abroad, in a cafe setting; a “Study Abroad Cafe”. And our cafe is inspired by cafes in Canada that are known to have a fashionable and cozy atmosphere.

We want people to utilize “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” as a place to get in touch with foreign languages and cultures, a place to establish international relationships, and a place to experience studying abroad in the comfort of your own city.

“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is an international cafe with participants from over 100 countries, offering not only Language Exchange but also various services, events, and lessons.

Latest News

“FREE”­ Sunday morning language exchange

“FREE”­ Sunday language exchangeWe will have the “Language Exchange” from 10:45, every Sunday in Tokyo. Also, we will have the “English Only Meetup” and “Board Game Party” on Sunday […]

🎽Running the Imperial Palace & Language Exchange☕️

🎽Running the Imperial Palace & Language Exchange☕️ Have a language exchange and the Imperial Palace runs every Thursday. At the end of school or work, […]

Language Exchange German / Japanese

☕️”FREE” Language Exchange German / Japanese “Free” German / Japanese Language Exchange event in Tokyo! Feel free to enter or exit anytime during the event. […]

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