“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is a new type of cafe based on the concept of a space where people can come free of charge and get a feeling of international relationship, in a cafe setting; a “Study Abroad Cafe”. And our cafe is inspired by cafes in Canada that are known to have a fashionable and cozy atmosphere.

We want people to utilize “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” as a place to get in touch with several people, languages, and cultures, a place to establish international relationships with one drink.


|Regarding Meetups

“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is an international environment where participants from more than 100 countries. We do various meetups on the theme of English conversation and international meetups every day for free admittance.

At the “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” meetups, you can enjoy conversations with as many people as possible by controlling a group with a small number of people and changing seats every 30 minutes.  We also provide opportunities to speak only English or Japanese time and tables at all meetups to provide an opportunity to speak English, Japanese, and any languages well. That is why you can learn about cross-cultural exchange and international exchange with people from all over the world.

Our meetups are good for people who want to learn Languages and want to have international exchanges, so please feel free to come and enjoy our meetups.


|Rule Book

This rule is for enjoying conversation and international meetup equally, peaceful and relaxing, and it reflects opinions from attendants. Therefore, please participate only if you agree with the following rules.


|| Regarding Participants

– Those who can respect others and respect diversity regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, religion, etc.
– Those who aim to learn languages at an international meetup.
– Those who understand that this event is run by staff as an organizer and that prohibited acts are to be noted.
– Those who understand that our Canadian style of friendly customer service is different from the Japanese style.
– Those who have a smartphone and apply “Meetup” in advance using the “Meetup” app.


|| Flow of Meetup
– Press the “Attend” button for the event which you would like to join in Meetup by before the day.
   *If you can’t come and have no time to cancel, you don’t need to cancel.
– When you come to the cafe, wear a face mask and disinfect your hands at the entrance.
– At the reception, first, show the event page to participate in with the “Meetup” app on your phone.
    *If you do not apply except the first time, we may refuse to join or you may need to write your contact info and a special participation fee of 500 JPY.
– Show your “Member Passport” and order your drink.
   *Bring the “Member Passport” that you will receive a stamp from the next time.
   *If you are given a drink card, bring it. When the number is called, bring the card and pick up your drink.
   *Additional drink orders are 300 JPY, food is 200 JPY, and alcohol is 400 JPY.
– Sit down in the event seat that you attend and wait for the start announcement.
– When the meetup start time comes, staff will announce a general explanation.
– After that, we will announce to change seats every 30 minutes, so change seats to talk with new people.
  *We will change the language used in the case of language exchange.
– Bring cups, glasses, and trash to the counter when you leave.


|| Rules
– Our meetups are free of charge for attending *Required one drink charge
– Our meetups are 2 hours long. *Enter & exit are possible on the way, re-entry is negotiable with cafe staff
– Do not participate if you are not feeling well, such as having a fever.
– Be sure to wear a mask up to your nose, talk through the mask, and do not talk when drinking or eating.
– Seat face-to-face with 3-4 people at each table. * △ are spare seats, X are prohibited to use.
– Do not speak any language other than English at English-only time or at English-only tables.
– Be sure to participate in the meetup. *You cannot do personal things without participating for a long time
– Solve the troubles between the participants by themselves.
– Manage your valuables and physical condition at your own risk.
– We will take pictures as part of our public relations activities. If you don’t want to, let us know.


|| Prohibited Behaviors
– Topics such as religion and politics, topics that lead to discrimination, and any harassment.
– Selling or soliciting goods or services. Solicitation to other groups.
– Go out from here with other participants who meet for the first time together.
– Hit on participants. Asking for contact information persistently. *If there is a complaint, you may get banned.
– The behavior of talking only and not listening to others or leaving participants out of the group.
– Smoking in and around the cafe.
– Not follow guidance, behaviors, and actions that do not follow caution from staff.
– Any behaviors that staff think are inappropriate are prohibited.
   *If you find any suspicious behaviors, report to the staff on the spot even for small details.
   *Those who have performed the above actions may get kicked out immediately and get banned.


| Other Fine Rules

|| Reason for pushing attend button on Meetup event pages by the day before
We manage the participant’s list with the Meetup app. As a result, It is a very convenient way in order to save time and effort for personal information when you come to the cafe.

And we will explain the reason to push the attend button by the day before. As you also know, the operation of this cafe is very affected by the current situation. The most effective way to break the present situation, and we need your simple cooperation. Please push the attend button on the Meetup event pages as soon as possible, at least the day before. If you do this, attendants increase more than 20-30%, especially new people. In addition, you can participate in a more lively meetup, and you will be able to meet with more people.

Even if you have not decided whether you participate, please make an application earlier. If you can not come, you can easily cancel it on the Meetup app.

Thank you for your cooperation.

|| About Participation Time
– You can stay until the end with one drink order on the weekdays.
– You can stay 2 hours 20 minutes with one drink order on the weekends and holidays.
– You can re-enter the cafe between 18:45 and 20:00 on Friday and the weekends and holidays.

|| About Table Tennis and Board Games
– Please come with your friends who play together as much as possible.
– If there are no other people playing table tennis, please be sure to get permission from the staff.
– Please be sure to get permission from the staff at any time when you want to play board games.

|| About the Act of Asking Contacts
– Asking for contact information the first time you meet is prohibited. We strongly recommend that you should ask when you met them at the cafe next time.
– If you really want to ask for the contact information, please get permission from the staff.
– If there is a claim, you may be banned.






『ENGLISH ONLY CAFE』はお金も時間もかけず誰でも気軽に海外留学体験ができる、『カフェ留学』をコンセプトとした、『カフェ先進国』カナダのお洒落でアットホームなカフェをイメージした新感覚のカフェです。

ドリンク1杯の費用で『英会話』、『国際交流』、『異文化体験』、『海外留学』を体験出来るのが 『ENGLISH ONLY CAFE』です。



『ENGLISH ONLY CAFE』では世界100ヶ国以上から参加者が集う国際色豊かな環境で、英会話や国際交流をテーマに様々なイベントをどなたでも参加無料で毎日開催しております。

『ENGLISH ONLY CAFE』の交流会では少人数でグループを作り、30分毎に席替えを行うことで、より多くの方と話しやすい環境で会話を楽しめます。またしっかり英語を使う機会を提供するため、全てのイベントで時間やテーブルで英語や日本語そして様々な言語を話す機会を設けています。また海外留学のように世界中から集まる人々と異文化交流や国際交流を学ぶことが出来るイベントでもあります。






|| 参加対象者

– 性別、年齢、人種、国籍、宗教などを問わず、他者を尊重し、多様性を尊重できる方。
– 言語学習や国際交流を目的としている方。
– 当イベントはスタッフがオーガナイザーとして運営し、禁止行為は注意されることを理解している方。
– 日本とは異なり欧米スタイルのフレンドリーな接客であることを理解している方。
– スマートフォンをお持ちで、『Meetup』のアプリで事前に申込をしていただける方。


|| 交流会の流れ
– 前日までに『Meetup』の参加予定のイベントの出席ボタンを押してください。
– ご来店の際は入店前にマスクを装着し、入口で手の消毒を行ってください。
– 受付時に最初にスマートフォンの『Meetup』のアプリで参加するイベントページをご提示ください。
– 『Member Passport』のご提示と、ドリンクをご注文ください。
   *初回にお渡しする『Member Passport』はお持ち帰りいただき次回以降ご持参ください
– 参加するイベントの席にお座りいただき、開始の案内があるまでお待ちください。
– イベント開始時間となりましたらスタッフが全体説明を行います。
– その後30分毎に席替えの案内があるので新しい人と話せるよう席替えをしてください。
– お帰りの際はカップ、グラスやゴミをカウンターまでお持ちください。


|| ルール
– 交流会は参加無料です。 *ドリンクチャージあり
– 交流会は2時間単位です。 *途中入場と退出可、再入場はスタッフへ応相談
– 熱があるなど体調不良の場合は参加しないでください。
– 店内ではマスクを鼻まで着用し、マスクを通して話し、飲んだり食べる際は話さないでください。
– 各テーブルは3-4名で対面でお座りください。 *△の席は予備席、Xの席は着席禁止
– 英語オンリーの時間や英語オンリーのテーブルで英語以外の言語を話さないでください。
– イベントに必ず参加してください。 *長時間参加せずに個人的なことをすることはできません
– 参加者同士のトラブルは当人同士で解決してください。
– 貴重品、体調の管理はご自身の責任で行ってください
– 広報活動の一環として写真撮影を行っています。希望しない方はお申し出ください。


|| 禁止行為
– 宗教、政治などの話題や差別に繋がる話題、ハラスメントに繋がる会話や行為。
– 商品、サービスの販売や勧誘行為。他グループへの勧誘行為。
– 初めて会った参加者をイベント中や後に誘って一緒に帰る行為。
– ナンパ行為や連絡先をしつこく聞く行為。 *クレームがあった場合出入禁止となる場合もございます
– 自分の話ばかりして他者の話を聞かない行為や、参加者を仲間はずれにする行為。
– 店内および店の周りでの喫煙。
– スタッフからの案内、注意に従わない言動、行為。
– 上記事項以外でもスタッフの判断で不適切だと判断する行為。



|| 前日までにミートアップのお申込をお願いしている理由





|| 参加可能時間について
– 平日はワンドリンクのご注文で最後まで滞在できます。
– 土日祝日は2時間20分毎の入れ替え制となります。
– 金土日祝日は18:45から20:00の間再入場できます。

|| 卓球・ボードゲームについて
– どちらもいつでもできますが出来るだけ一緒にプレイするお友達と一緒にお越しください。
– 卓球は他にプレイしている人がいない場合、必ずスタッフに許可を得てから始めてください。
– ボードゲームはいかなる時も必ずスタッフに許可を得てから始めてください。

|| 連絡先を聞く行為について
– 初めて会った方との連絡先の交換は禁止です。交換は次回以降カフェで会った時にすることを強くお勧めします。
– もしどうしても連絡先を交換したい場合はスタッフに許可を得るようお願いします。
– もし相手からクレームがあった場合、内容によっては出入禁止とします。




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