For inquiries space rental, coverage / press,  shooting, please use the following form.

Please check this site as much as possible about the opening hours of the cafe and the service contents, please refrain from inquiring. Please understand beforehand that it may not be possible to respond if you contact us.

Please make sure you have a reservation via the event page on meetup in the link below.





“ENGLISH ONLY CAFE” is available for rental as an event venue. Rental cost will be free for groups considering non-profit events in which the concept and ideas are one that resonates with that of “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE”. The cafe organizers will also help advertise and promote the event free of charge.

For more details, please contact “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE”.





For more detail and additionally event is on “Meetup” below.

Also, for confirmation and application of each event please see the page of “Meetup” below.